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The Guelph Jazz Festival has garnered recognition and awards for its work since almost the beginning.

Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts 2010 (winner)

The Guelph Jazz Festival was the winner in the arts organization category of the Ontario Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts. The other nominees included: Tarragon Theatre (Toronto), Public Energy (Dance/Peterborough), The Images Festival (Media Art/Toronto), Definitely Superior Art Gallery (Visual Arts/Thunder Bay), Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (Music/Ottawa). Learn more here.

Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts 2009 (finalist)

The Guelph Jazz Festival is again one of the finalists (and the only one from outside the Toronto area) in the Premier's Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Arts Organization category.

2009 National Jazz Awards (nominee)

We are one of six nominees for "Festival of the Year" in the 2009 National Jazz Awards, to be presented in May 2009. The other nominees are: Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Beaches.

Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts 2008 (finalist)

The Guelph Jazz Festival was one of five finalists in the Premier's Awards for Excellence in the Arts. Although we did not win - the prize in our category went to Coach House Press of Toronto - the degree of recognition and profile was gratifying.

Our heartfelt thanks go to long-time festival supporter and performer Scott Thomson, who nominated us for the Premier's Award. In doing so, he wrote, "The Festival's most remarkable achievement is its ability to present world-class practitioners of atypical, sometimes noisy music while remaining closely tied to the community of Guelph. This fine line has been followed, primarily, through the deft programming choices of Ajay Heble which continue to provide a context for novice listeners to experience unconventional music performances without undue alienation." Our congratulations also go to the other nominees, including choreographer David Earle of Guelph, who was nominated, but did not win, in the individual artist category.

Events Producer of the Year 2008: Jazz Journalists Association (finalist)

Artistic director Ajay Heble was nominated as "Events Producer of the Year" in 2008 by the Jazz Journalists Association, an international body with members worldwide. The winner of that award was Patricia Nicholson-Parker of the Vision Festival, a New York avant-garde jazz festival. We send our congratulations to Nicholson-Parker.

Lieutenant Governor's Award for the Arts

  • recipient 2001
  • recipient 2000
  • recipient 1997
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