Jesse Stewart: GJF Remix Project

Friday, September 16th 

Jesse Stewart: Guelph Jazz Festival Remix Project

Venue: George Luscombe Theatre, MacKinnon Building, University of Guelph
Time: 2:00pm
Price: Free

 The Guelph Jazz Festivalremixed and reimagined! Jesse Stewart is a percussionist and sound artist, in William Parker’s words “an eloquent and poetically powerful percussionist, composer, improviser and teacher—a man of ideas and inventions.” Since 1999, Stewart has appeared at Guelph in many configurations, from solo drummer to composer of the multi-media opera Passages. He is one of the rare artists (at present, the only person in Canada) to perform on the reactable, a new electronic instrument that is a virtual modular synthesizer and digital sampler, with a tangible user interface on an illuminated tabletop. In his latest project, Jesse Stewart will remix and reconfigure the musics of past festivals, improvising with them in real time to produce an unforgettable aural and visual experience.

Jesse Stewart--Safe from Jesse Stewart on Youtube. 


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