Parking at Colloquium

Parking and Access to Campus

If you are from out of town and wondering about parking for the Colloquium, please note that this year's Colloquium is being held on the University of Guelph campus, and parking is limited. That being said, there are a few options for you to consider:

If you're staying at the Delta hotel or the Best Western, just walk over! It'll take you 10-15 minutes to walk. A walk from the Holiday Inn at Scottsdale and Stone Road will take you approximately half an hour, and walking from downtown Guelph will take you 35-40 minutes.

Guelph is full of busses! A single ride fare is $3.00. This is a great option for anyone staying in the downtown vicinity, as the routes are quick, easy, and plentiful. It is a busy bus system as it's the primary mode of transportation for most university students! You can learn more about bus routes at the Guelph transit website. (Note: you can also use Google maps to quickly and easily find the best route. Enter your accommodations as your point of departure, and MacKinnon Building, Trent Lane as your destination. Select the public transit route option, and let Google do the figuring for you. It will even let you pick an arrival time, so you can figure exactly what time to catch your bus.)

Parking for visitors is limited, and given that is the start of the semester, it's bound to be busy on campus! There are two main options for visitor parking:

  1. Visitor Kiosks: the best deal on campus! $10 flat rate (if paid by credit or debit) for parking all day. Please note, however that parking fills up early, and you'll want to be here at the start of the day to take advantage of this option!
  2. Metered Parking: there are lots of metered parking lots across campus. They too can be busy! If you're opting for metered parking, we highly recommend setting up an account with "Pay By Phone," which makes the hourly rate $2.00 instead of $2.50. Saves you from dealing with pockets of loose coin too!

More specifics on the visitor parking web page, which outlines your main options for visitor parking.

Just Dropping By?
If you're coming just for a single session, you can also park on the outskirts of campus, in the various surrounding neighbourhoods. Street parking is limited to two hours.

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